Why Stains Reappear After A Traditional Carpet Cleaning

Why Stains Reappear After A Traditional Carpet Cleaning

So, you got your carpet cleaned and now stains are reappearing on the carpet. You might be frustrated and want to sue the cleaner for an improper job of cleaning. But you should wait and listen to the reason Why Stains Reappear On Carpet. You might be surprised once you know that it is a very common issue and you are not the only one. Carpet Stain Reappearing is more normal and common than you might have thought. In some cases, a stain might reappear as soon as the carpet dries. In other cases, it can take up to a week for the stains to reappear on the carpet.

However, there is nothing that you need to worry about as we will explain why this is happening. There are two main reasons for Stains Reappearing On Carpets. The first reason behind this is something that is known as Wicking and the second one is Residue. One of these originates from the back of the carpet and the other form the carpet fibres itself.

How Can Wicking Cause The Stains To Reappear?

Some stains often reappear on your carpet and if these stains are appearing from behind then, it is wicking. In this particular case, the original stain that was removed was not cleaned properly. That stain was a bigger problem and it has penetrated the carpet, carpet fibres and the backing itself. It also includes the backing of the carpet, the backing of your carpet has been stained too. 

If you are going to use excessive amounts of water &  rinsing then, it can lead to wicking. Here is how this works, excessive rinsing can cause the water to penetrate the carpet. This can also lead to Carpet Damages. Once the water makes its way to the backing then, it mixes with the stain and becomes dirty and discoloured. Whenever you try to extract this dirty water, you can only remove a certain amount, not all of it. Later, whenever the water evaporates and carpet dries, the water gradually wicks to the surface of the carpet. This leads to Carpet Stain Reappearing on your carpet and you have to hire expensive Carpet Cleaning Services.

How Can Residue Cause The Stains To Reappear?

Stains that often reappear due to residue are the ones that come from the carpet fibres. The reason behind this is the chemical reaction between the Carpet Cleaning agent and the fibres. Whenever you clean your carpet using a cleaning agent, some amount of cleaning will stick to the fibres. Once it sticks to the fibres of the carpet it will become a magnet for dirt and grime. Carpet Vacuuming or Regular Carpet Sanitisation is not enough in such cases, you should take some essential steps. Dust and dirt are going to stick to the residue and cover that area. If you have high traffic then, it becomes more noticeable. Areas such as halls, walkways, stairs are the most noticeable.

As time passes by it becomes a stain that all of us hate. The worst part of this problem is that it cannot be eliminated completely. No matter how much you try, you cannot remove all of the cleaning agents from the carpet. There will always be some amount of cleaning agent inside your carpet, this causes the Stains Reappearing On Carpet. 

What Do You Need To Do To get rid of it?

The only way through which you can get rid of this is by using a residue-free cleaning agent or hire a Local Carpet Cleaning Company like Carpet Cleaning Neutralbay. As there are not many residue-free cleaning agents available in the market. But the only thing that you can do is take the help of our Professional Carpet Cleaners and get the best services of Carpet Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning.